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  • NEWS
    Kunming Longjin Pharmaceutical Donated RMB 1 Million to Boost Coronavirus Combating
    DATE:2020.02.07 SOURCE:云南網 VIEW:2126

    Yunnan Net News (Journalist Peng Xi) At present, coronavirus control has entered the key stage. On February 6, Kunming Longjin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. donated RMB 1 million to Yunnan Red Cross Society to help the epidemic combating.

    According to the information, Kunming Longjin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. adheres to the development concept “Bringing Health to the Mankind” and always puts social responsibility and patriotism in the priority. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Longjin Pharmaceutical has actively contacted relevant agencies to know the donation procedure, and relevant leaders went to the Yunnan Red Cross Society to donate RMB 1 million on February 6th, 2020, and Zhang Kuanshou-- the Executive Vice Chairman of Yunnan Red Cross Society and Dong Hechun—the Party secretary of Yunnan Red Cross Society accepted the donation. Longjin will also contact relevant medical institutions through the Red Cross Society to donate the breviscapine for injection produced by Longjin to help institutions and patients overcome the difficulties as far as possible.

       1581653674806089407.png   1581653674881008595.png

    Figure: Kunming Longjin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Donated RMB 1 Million to Boost the Epidemic Control

    The epidemic has no mercy but human beings have. When one party is in difficulty, all others will provide support. We believe that, with the great assistance by people from all walks of life and affectionate enterprises, our great, strong, brave and united nation will eventually overcome the epidemic and win this special war. We hope that our motherland and Chinese people will overcome this difficulty, resume normal production and life as soon as possible, live and work in peace and contentment and build a well-off society together.

    Issuing time: 12:29:00, February 07, 2020  Source: Yunnan Net