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    1996 years
    Founded in 1996
    330" data-speed="1000"> 330 mu
    plantation base covering an Area of 330 acres
    28 +
    28+ invention patents
    400" data-speed="1000"> 400 MILLION
    Registered capital RMB 400 million
    Company Profile
    Stock code:002750

    Founded in 1991, Kunming Longjin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has developed into a modern biotechnology and pharmaceutical enterprise integrating R&D, production, supply and sales for nearly three decades.

    We have established long-term partnership with more than 10 universities and scientific research institutions.

    Our products are mainly sold in more than 30 provinces of China. Our sales revenue reached RMB 335 million in 2018.

    We now have more than 230 staff.

    Longjin's Core Vlues